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Welcome to Gotham City

Planning a trip to the nine-island boroughs can be part of the fun, but there’s also a lot of ground to cover. Below you’ll find quick overviews on other essential things, like the City’s layout, the local time zone and various visitor passes.


Gotham City is composed of nine islands. Although the majority of the city consists of the three main islands; Uptown, Mid-town and Down-town Island. All nine islands are linked by bridges, tunnels and ferries.
Click here to download a Map of Gotham City.
Mid-town Island is roughly 12.4 miles wide and about 4.3 miles at its longest. Except at its eastern and western tips, the borough’s avenues run roughly north and south, and streets run east and west. One-way thorough fares are common, with traffic moving east on even-numbered streets and west on odd-numbered streets.
Robinson Park is regarded as the centre of the city dividing into east and west sides. As you move farther east or west from Robinson Park, street addresses increase, usually in increments of 100 from one block to the next. For north-south avenues, 20 blocks equals a mile, and the street numbers increase as you go towards Uptown Island. Blocks can be a useful measure of distance, but keep in mind your direction: walking towards Uptown Island from 1st Street to 6th Street is about a quarter of a mile, but walking the same number of blocks across town, from First Avenue to Sixth Avenue, is approximately a mile.

Time Zone

Gotham City is on Eastern Standard Time (Greenwich mean time minus four hours during daylight saving time, from about mid-March into early November, and minus five hours the rest of the year).

Weather and Climate

The climate of Gotham state is generally humid continental, while the extreme south eastern portion of the state lies in the warm humid subtropical climate zone. Winter temperatures average below freezing during January and February in much of Gotham state, but several degrees above freezing along the Atlantic coastline, including Gotham City.

Tours and Visitor Passes

Gotham CityPASS, Gotham City Explorer Pass, The Gotham Pass and The Gotham Sightseeing Pass.
Find out which deal best suits your visit to Gotham with this guide to Gotham CityPASS, Gotham City Explorer Pass, The Gotham Pass and The Gotham Sightseeing Pass.

Gotham Tours
Seeing the City by double-decker bus, bike, segway, boat or helicopter—or just being led on foot by a knowledgeable guide—can make for a memorable trip, and there are convenient, affordable ways to visit all of Gotham’s major attractions. For a breakdown of city tours by type and theme, visit our Tours page.

Seasonal Events and Attractions

There’s guaranteed to be something fun happening during your visit. To see what it is, visit our calendar of events or our annual events listings. Our overview of the holiday season in the City also provides essential information as well as details about how locals celebrate.


If you can't walk to your destination, mass transit is the next-best way to get around. The City's rail and bus system are inexpensive, environmentally friendly and a great way to see sights throughout the nine boroughs—and it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By plane If you’re coming from far away, you’ll probably want to fly into Gotham City Airport. There are a number of hotels conveniently located near the City’s airports.

By car Driving to Gotham? Use Google Maps to get directions, and plan ahead for where to park (there's some street parking, plenty of parking garages and some hotels offer package deals that include parking).

Taxis Cabs are a quick, convenient way to get around the nine boroughs.

Other's such as Ferries, Pedicabs, Bicycles and even Helicopters are all great ways to get around Gotham.

Local Laws

If you’re headed out for a night on the town, you should know that the drinking age in Gotham—and throughout the United States—is 21, and smoking is banned in public places throughout the City, including bars, restaurants, subways and taxis, and public parks and beaches. Cigar smoking is permitted at cigar bars. In Gotham, only those who are 21 or older can purchase cigarettes and other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. Under current law, marijuana remains illegal in the City (and state), though a government-backed push toward its legalization may change things as early as 2021.

Useful Phone Numbers

Here are some important phone numbers to keep handy during your Gotham visit. Here are some important phone numbers to keep handy during your visit.
Emergencies (police, fire or ambulance): 911
NYC government agencies and any questions or requests about City services (non-emergency): 611 or 818-GOTHAM (468-426)
Directory assistance: 411


In Gotham City and throughout the United States, the dollar is the standard currency. This converter allows you to determine the value of other currencies compared with the dollar. Below are two of the many places where you can exchange your currency for American dollars.

AFEX (Associated Foreign Exchange)
390 Seventh Ave., Gotham, DT 10019; 275-157-9586
602 Third Ave., Ste. 1210, Gotham, DT 10022; 146-432-7929


Gotham is America’s rising star in safety for large cities, but visitors should still use common sense to protect themselves and their property. Be aware of your surroundings, and make sure to always use licensed, reputable businesses for any services you need. For example, don’t hail livery cabs (as opposed to taxis) at the airport, and don’t rent bikes from companies that seem suspicious. If you’re not sure where to find legitimate businesses, the listings at are a good place to start, as are those published by the Better Business Bureau. Your hotel concierge should be able to answer questions on this topic and will be helpful if you need more information about neighbourhoods in the nine boroughs. Another useful resource is 411, the City’s official government services and information hotline. For more information about safety, read our tips for visitors.

Gotham State

If you’d like to explore the rest of the state, visit, the official website for Gotham State tourism.